Services I Offer

Mental Health Counseling and Therapy Services I can offer:

I consider my life experiences and lessons I’ve learned about people and their families to be my best guide in helping the people I meet.  I use my training and life experiences to help people facing difficult, stressful mental health challenges that interfere in their decision making, relationships and the realities of their life.

Mental Health counseling and therapy services I offer include:

  • I offer individual counseling and therapy services focused on the problems you describe and are facing in your life today. Additionally, an anger management program called “Dealing with Anger” is readily available.
  • I work with young adults, adults and teens to help the client better deal with stressors, what life has brought their way and the realities of how they’ve handled (or mishandled) events in their lives and important relationships.
  • ernie285I offer skill building treatment, including anger management and emotional regulation, dealing with interferences including anger, impulse control, personality interferences, depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.
  • Clients have often spoken of their own anger, frustration and stress and how it damaged relationships so important to them.  By working with some new skills and ways of looking at events in their lives, clients have taken the opportunity to change their own beliefs, behaviors and ways of relating to others.  Clients often speak of friends and family liking the changes they’ve made.  Clients have often spoken of others making some of their own changes as a result.  Skill building includes helping you help others to buy into the changes.  Skill building also includes helping you deal effectively with those who prefer “the old you…you were lots more fun to watch when you got angry”.  You can help them accept your changes and support you, rather than hinder.
  • I have been able to help individuals who are separately dealing with alcohol and substance abuse interferences.  Clients have commented that “things work best for them when they work on both their anger and substance abuse at the same time.”

My counseling/therapy approach is strength based.  I can help you identify and use your strengths to help you look beyond negative belief systems that do not serve you well.  You can move toward those solutions that are most helpful to you and the important people around you.

How it works…

All services are confidential. 

Interested individuals are encouraged to call me for an initial appointment.  We will discuss your challenges and your goals.  We will consider appropriate counseling/therapy to help you reach your goals.

I am an approved provider for Fidelis Care, Excellus, United Health Care, AETNA, Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Empire Plan/Beacon Health Solutions, and MVP insurances.  Services are also private pay with an option for a sliding fee scale. Personal Checks accepted.   Let’s talk about it.