Anger Management

Dealing with Anger
Skill Building Therapy

Anger management mental health counseling and therapy services are available for men, women, adolescents, young adults.

This is a mental health counseling and therapy approach to understanding the causes of anger, frustration, impulsive behaviors and the impact this has on our important relationships and decisions.  Anger Management skills taught include dealing with difficult situations, how to build on your strengths, communicating without the anger and helping others see the changes you are making.  We will cover such topics as Fair Fighting, taking good Time Outs, Self Talk, looking at situations through the eyes of children, Anger Has Cousins, Understanding Risk Factors and Triggers, Thinking Errors, creating better Balance in Relationships and How to Make Duck Soup.

For more information, feel free to contact Ernest Germano, LMHC at 607-331-8304.  If I am not immediately reachable, leave a message with a working phone number and I will get back to you.


 Like a Diamond

Consider this:  Much of what we learn is the product of looking at our own lives differently.

As we go through events, develop relationships and make decisions, we look at the experience from the perspective of what we see unfolding in front of us, much as we would look at the top surface of a diamond.

diamond2As time passes, we start to look back at these experiences from a different angle, looking through the side facets of the diamond.  If we are willing and have the courage, we can learn from our own experiences, simply by looking at them differently.  As we continue to grow older and mature, we continue to return to our past experiences, looking for new ways to look at them and learn.

Why?…..simply because we have grown and life has added new experiences…..through which we can again look at the difficult experiences of our past, for the understanding that they offers us in our life today.

            No problem can be solved using the same thinking that created it”

                                                            Quoted from Albert Einstein

“Listen to what you know….not what you fear”

                                                            Found inside a Chinese fortune cookie