Are you looking for mental health counseling and therapy services in Elmira, New York?

I am Ernie Germano, an Elmira community counselor and therapist offering treatment services for individuals seeking mental health help in working with emotional conflicts, relationship problems and difficult decisions in your life.

I offer mental health counseling and therapy services that can help:

  • With difficulties created by events, relationships and decisions that have resulted in emotional upheaval and dysfunction.
  • People who believe they need help with their anger management and with understanding their negative feelings blocking the path to making good decisions.
  • People who believe they need help with relationships that are not working well and how they can contribute to better relationship building,
  • Young adults, adults and adolescents experiencing difficulty sorting through what life has thrown their way, even when they didn’t ask for it.
  • People looking for help standing on their own two feet, understanding their past and learning to thrive in their future.


Consider this:  In the Chinese language, there is a word for Crisis.  Much like words in English, the word is made up by combining two different words.  The first symbol below is the Chinese word for Danger.  The second symbol is the Chinese word for Opportunity.

crisis 2