June, 2017                                       Important Updates!

    •  Fidelis Insurance: I am able to accept and bill Fidelis Insurance for mental health counseling and therapy.  It is available for anyone with a Fidelis card (Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Fidelis obtained through the Health Exchange).  Your card should say Fidelis Care on it.
    • United Health Care:  I am also able to accept and bill United Health Care (sorry this does not include Empire Plan) under their United Behavioral Health benefits.  If you have a United Health Care card, bring it in.  This includes mental health counseling and therapy.  (This is also available to those who have been approved through the Medicaid Program, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus). 
    • AETNA, Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Value Options/Beacon Health Solutions, MVP. I can bill to these Insurances.
    • Elmco. Several local companies offer insurance through Elmco.  Check your benefits.  Bring your card to the first session.
    • POMCO and RMSCO:  I can now accept both POMCO Group Insurance and RMSCO.  Please bring your card to the first session.
    • Referrals.  I’ve been asked to describe how the community professional referral process works.  Community professionals can choose to give the person my contact information or contact me yourself.  Ask the client to sign a Release of Information with you, enabling you and I to begin collaborating on the client’s mental health needs.
    • The “Dealing with Anger” is a series of skill building session designed around good communication and understanding the nature of balanced relationships.
    • Working with Adolescents and Young Adults.   In addition to adult mental health counseling and therapy services, many adolescent and young adult clients are using my services. I am able to offer concepts from the dealing with anger program individually with each client as well as help the individual sort through the difficulties of their lives.  So far, many adolescents and young adults have stuck with it, working on a multitude of problems including trauma, the interference of poor, often impulsive decisions, damage to relationships and their actions that bring themselves before the legal system.

Certainly, you are welcome to contact me at the office phone number 607-873-7265 or email me to ask questions about my services and/or discuss potential services for yourself.  Please note that texting me at 607-331-8304 or emailing me at only carries the confidentiality normally associated with such systems.